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Pediatric Dentistry | Cavities and buccal checkups for kids


Pediatric dentistry is dental treatment for children up to 18 years old.

By the time he’s 2, a child already has a complete set of deciduous dentition, and it’s important to get him used to proper daily dental hygiene – first with help of his parents, and gradually all by himself.

It’s quite important, in order to avoid the appearance of cavities and tooth decay, to regularly apply products such as fluoride to strengthen the teeth, as well as take care that the child doesn’t acquire any bad habits related to the mouth (such as sucking on one’s thumbs). This will prevent maxillary deformations that would, by the time the child is 10, force orthodontic treatment. It’s also recommended to avoid diets too heavy in candy and other carbohydrates that increase the risk of tooth decay.

If the child is used from childhood to visiting his dentist regularly, he’ll learn to prevent most common buccal problems, plus if he ever needs treatment, he will already be used to his “family dentist”, minimizing any possible anxiety.

The first pediatric dentistry checkup costs 37€, and a fluoride treatment (which, for children, we recommend should be done roughly once every 6 months) costs 50€. During this first visit, we’ll also advise you on several matters, including personalized oral hygiene instructions and proper diet tips.

First Appointment

The Association for Pediatric Dentistry recommends having a child’s first checkup and dentist appointment around 1-2 years old.

Parents will be advised on how to keep their kid’s mouth the same way it’s right now: zero cavities.

During this first visit many other topics will be evaluated, such as oral hygiene, eating patterns, pacifiers, and any habits that could affect the mouth. As years go by, these regular checkups also ensure that the child considers dentist appointments to be an entirely normal situation, and thus is relaxed and not scared.

Baby teeth

As they grow, babies will start growing their first dentition. It’s composed of 20 teeth, which normally appear between 6 and 30 months old. These are transient teeth, different to the standard teeth that will come later. They’re whiter, and cavities and tooth decay spread far faster than they would in adult teeth.

Our objective is to keep them until they fall on their own, because they keep open the space that the definitive teeth will occupy. Precocious loss of baby teeth can cause space problems when definitive teeth start to come out.

We offer preventive treatment for children with a high risk of cavities.

Permanent teeth

Around 6 years old, the first definitive back teeth begin to appear, behind the backmost baby back teeth. Then will begin the slow exchange of front teeth. During this process, the baby teeth will “guide” the newly sprouting ones. From 6 to 12 years old, the mouth suffers a lot of changes – 28 new teeth will appear in total. Wisdom teeth, however, won’t generally appear until at least 18 years old.

Making a difference

Why visit the Pediatric dentist?

1-     Individualized prevention procedure, to avoid risk of cavities

2-     Treatment protocols for children with “dentist phobia”.

3-     Treatment protocols for special needs children.

4-     Preprogrammed sedation service.

5-     Pediatric dentistry and orthodontics for young children.

6-     All kinds of treatments: Toothache, dental aesthetics, tooth trauma, interceptive orthodontics…

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Josep Tarradelllas Avenue, 97, Barcelona

08029 Barcelona

How to get there?


Lines 15, 27, 32, 43, 54, 59, 66, 78


Line 5 Entença

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