Fillings and reconstructions

It is called conservative because its purpose is to preserve the teeth when they have been decayed or broken, by applying fillings and reinforcements for the most destroyed teeth.

For them we use composite resins called state-of-the-art composites that offer more resistance and minimize long-term problems. For example, a bad composite shrinks a lot when it is hardened with light during the treatment and this causes a mismatch of the filling inside the tooth and then a leakage that can be seen by the staining that the edge of the filling acquires. The tooth may be bothered by the sweet and cold, and in the long run it may cause a new cavity.

What do we do?

Therefore, it is very important that the materials are of good quality and therefore come at a price. A simple filling can take 20 minutes and costs between 70 – 80 €. A reconstruction, which is a filling that requires reinforcements to optimize the attachment of the filling, takes about 45 min. and can cost between 110 – 135 €.

Among the materials used for reinforcement are zirconium posts, which act as a beam inside the tooth and are white in color, unlike the old metal ones.

If we value the cost of a filling and what it can last: large reconstructions about 5 years and small fillings more than 10 years, and we can say that it is a very profitable investment since the cost is diluted over time.