General dentistry, integrates all subspecialties

The general dentist acts like the old family doctor who knows his patient, knows his illnesses, the medication he takes, the sensitivity he has, his tastes, his character.

As the general dentist integrates all subspecialties, he can treat the patient except for very specific treatments, such as misaligned teeth, which he refers to a specialist, such as an orthodontist, or a maxillofacial surgeon for wisdom teeth that are difficult to extract.

Dr. Stomatology specialist Campi

The Dr. Campi She has a degree in Medicine and Surgery and is a specialist in stomatology, so she can treat patients with diseases and general health problems with a great knowledge of the precautions to be taken and the patient’s limitations.

In addition, the experience of 35 years in the profession provides a knowledge of great value as they have been accompanied by continuous training attending different courses, conferences and seminars throughout all these years.

The large portfolio of loyal patients since the first years of profession, always in the same neighborhood of Barcelona,endorses its value and are a guarantee for every patient.

The doctor’s training, specialization in stomatology and years of experience provide a complete assessment in the first visits, which usually last ½ to ¾ of an hour and cost from 35 to 47 €.

The condition of the teeth, gums, mucous membranes and TMJ (temporomandibular joints) are evaluated.