Tooth whitening

In our clinic we use a method that is very easy to apply since it is performed at home by the patient himself. It is the “walking bleach” or gradual bleaching. This system is based on the principle of oxygen release by the applied product which is carbamide peroxide, of which there are various concentrations for faster or slower whitening.

The treatment is very simple since we use models of the teeth to make silicone trays, which the patient wears 3 hours a day or overnight, with the whitening product in the tray.

Once the treatment is finished, the cuvettes are left for a reminder at one year or at the end of the time required by the patient.

For patients with high sensitivity, there are bleaching agents that incorporate desensitizers to avoid this side effect.

The cost of the whole treatment: measures, trays, bleaching product for 1 month, case and control visits is 360 € and we often have promotions with special prices.

Whitening usually lasts over the years if you do not have habits that darken your teeth such as smoking, drinking coffee, tea, Coca Cola, red wine, red fruits, artichokes, spinach, etc. in abundance.

Dental veneers

New methods, products and techniques allow us, nowadays, to drastically modify a smile: either by aligning the teeth with invisible orthodontics, whitening the color with home treatment or with veneers to drastically modify the aesthetics, for example when the diseased teeth are deteriorated, worn, a little misplaced, or of an inadequate color.

It is always better to have a visit to assess which treatment is the most appropriate for each case, since it is necessary to assess the basic dental health on which the esthetic treatment should be based.

Veneers are thin veneers that are bonded to the tooth. They are made of various materials: composite, porcelain, zirconium.

Composite ones are more economical.

Ceramic ones, the most aesthetic.

The zirconium ones are the most resistant.


Zirconias are small stones that can be placed on a tooth to give it a special shine. They can be of different colors such as a brilliant, an emerald, a ruby, etc.