Treatment that eliminates the nerves of the teeth

It is the treatment that eliminates the nerves of the teeth and is used when the destruction of the tooth is very large or very advanced. It is also done to be able to keep that tooth and not have to replace it with a prosthesis.

It is a treatment that can be difficult in certain teeth, so with the new “Mechanical Endodontics” we have advanced a lot in terms of results and speed of treatment.

It consists of removing the nerves of the tooth and cleaning and disinfecting its interior, before placing a filling that acts as an interior filling. The tooth loses its sensitivity, but is still useful for chewing.

Specialist in complex endodontics

In our clinic, complex root canals of complicated teeth are performed by a specialist who applies the latest techniques of the specialty.

A root canal of an anterior tooth costs 100 €, of a lateral tooth about 130 € and of a molar tooth 170 €.

Thanks to the new sealing materials that we use in the clinic, we can preserve teeth with internal perforations that would otherwise have to be extracted and replaced with a prosthesis that costs 5 to 20 times more than endodontics.

The guarantee of a good result is achieved with the use of good materials, the application of a modern technique and the hands of a specialist. The good result is a root canal without complications and a tooth that can be saved from extraction, which means a very important saving in prosthesis, which is a treatment that is applied when a tooth is missing.