Replaces missing teeth with false teeth

These are false teeth that replace missing teeth. Depending on whether a few or many teeth are missing, the prosthesis recommended will vary. It will always be better and more comfortable to chew the fixed prosthesis, which does not have to be removed for cleaning than the removable prosthesis that requires a lot of hygiene because it retains food debris more easily.

Nowadays we have implants to replace teeth and on top of them there are caps, bridges or dentures attached to the implants that imitate natural teeth in their function and esthetics.

Caps are veneers for a single tooth, either to reinforce it or to change its esthetics.

How are the prostheses made?

The materials we use are metal-ceramic, so the prostheses are resistant because they have metal on the inside and ceramic on the outside for aesthetics.

There are also pure ceramic prostheses to make a more aesthetic piece thanks to the naturalness of the color and translucency that gives this material. They are all-white covers.

Another material used is white resin for cases in which the prosthesis will be worn for a few years. It is a prosthesis of medium esthetics although it is white and also of medium resistance, but very economical.

Finally, there are zirconium prostheses that combine maximum resistance and very good esthetics in a material that is a white metal.

Our metals are semi-soft alloys without nickel to avoid possible allergies and the prostheses are all manufactured in Barcelona in workshops that have their quality certificate and that work with absolute rigor and respecting the established canons.