Replaces missing teeth

These are threaded screw-shaped elements used to replace teeth that have been lost, to hold dentures when there is little gum, etc.

They have been a revolution in the world of dentistry since they are based on the principle of osseo-integration, which consists of the “welding” of the bone with the titanium of the implant once it has been placed.

The procedure is completely painless and depending on the skill of the professional and the difficulty of the case, it can take from half an hour for the implant to several hours, if implants have to be placed for an entire jaw.

How do we treat it?

With the new techniques we can treat cases that until now were forced to wear removable dentures. These techniques require the intervention of a specialist such as a maxillofacial surgeon to prepare the ground for the placement of implants when bone is scarce by performing regeneration or grafting techniques.

The implants we use are made of pure titanium and have passed all the quality controls required by health and industry and are manufactured by companies that have been in the market for years, so we are sure to obtain spare parts in the future, when they are needed for any repair of the prosthesis.

The important thing in a treatment with implants is a correct diagnosis and previous planning to get as close as possible to the patient’s expectations.

Patients who wanted an implant years ago have now been able to be treated thanks to these new techniques of preparation and support for bone regeneration.