Prevents gum problems

It is the specialty that treats the gums. 90% of the Spanish population has some kind of gum problem but is not aware of it.

The most frequent gum problems are gingivitis and periodontitis.

As these diseases give almost no symptoms, or very slight ones, one does not notice them, and sometimes, not even the dentist himself, if he does not explore the mouth well when a patient visits him. The dramatic thing is that periodontitis can leave us disedentate little by little and when it starts, it is very difficult to stop the process because it means that it is already very advanced. Hence the importance of early diagnosis and start treating it as soon as possible.

We teach you how to take care of your mouth

Another negative point of these diseases is that the gums must be taken care of for life, that is, you must brush CORRECTLY after 3 meals a day and you must go to the dentist to have your mouth professionally cleaned, on average, once a year. Some people will need to come every 4 months, others every 6 months, the least, every year.

Professional mouth cleaning is a guarantee of gingival health maintenance, as long as it is accompanied by good hygiene at home.

It is necessary to think that the person who suffers from periodontitis has a chronic disease and may have outbreaks and his disease will progress less, if he takes good care of himself.

We also cannot forget the long list of interrelationships between gum health and general health: inflamed gums can worsen diabetes because it influences blood glucose levels, periodontitis can cause premature birth, can favor the onset of bronchopneumonia and so on.

Why does this happen? We have to think that when we brush our teeth, and we do it 2-3 times a day, micro traumas are produced in the gum and the bacteria that are in the gum. They pass into the bloodstream, reaching any part of the body. That is why it is so important to have a clean mouth with only your normal bacteria that are not the pathogens, i.e., the ones that cause disease. In the mouth, as in the skin, there are normal bacteria of its own.

We teach you how to take care of your mouth

If there is gingivitis, a normal cleaning of the mouth will be done and if there is periodontitis, scraping or curettage will be necessary.

A cleaning of the mouth costs 70 €, a maintenance scaling 90 € and the treatments are carried out by specialized personnel, the dental hygienist.

Patients who come in for regular cleanings and check-ups have fewer pathogenic bacteria in their mouths and, if they have any problems, they are usually of little importance because they are detected early and the solution is usually easier.

It is very important that the patient collaborates in the treatments since at home he/she has to keep a good hygiene control to control bacterial growth. Success depends on a good combination of cleaning by the patient and correct treatment by the dentist within the established period of time, normally every 6 months.

In the oral area we can detect problems in their initial phase, making treatment easier and less costly.

The person who comes regularly (1 to 2 times a year) to the dentist, ends up spending much less at the dentist because he/she never has major problems in the mouth.