Surgery in the oral area

It is surgery in the oral area such as wisdom teeth extraction, soft tissue surgery to prepare a prosthesis, bone regenerations to prepare the jaw for future implants, etc.

At Campi Dental Clinic we have the privilege of having a maxillofacial 2-3 times a week in the clinic for any eventuality and for scheduled oral surgery cases.

The cost of a wisdom tooth extraction will depend on the difficulty (depth, shape, number of roots of the tooth) and will range from 90 € to 250 €.

Biopsy for the diagnosis of lesions and tumors

It also performs biopsies for the diagnosis of lesions and tumors.

in the mouth. It also deals with people who have insufficient bone to place implants and through techniques that have been greatly simplified over time (before it was necessary to make grafts and it was a longer and more complicated treatment and even these new techniques allow bone augmentation at the same time that we place the implants.