Women's oral health influences pregnancy prognosis

According to experts from the Spanish Society of Periodontology and the Spanish Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics,disorders such as gingivitis or granuloma gravidarum, among others, are common in pregnant women.

In the report “oral health in pregnant women”, published by these experts: it is recommended to reach pregnancy in the best conditions of oral health. it is therefore very important to visit yourtrusted dentistfor the diagnosis and possible treatment of periodontal diseases. This would avoid the risks that this type of pathology can pose to the pregnant woman: premature birth or low birth weight babies“.

According to the DRA. Isabel Camposego representative and gynecologist at the hospital clinico san carlos, “ oral hygiene habits should be one more part of the preventive and therapeutic medical measures in the management of pregnant women, even in the pregestational stage“.

DRA. Isabel Santa CruzMaster in periodontics and implants from the Complutense University of Madrid. It emphasizes, “that the woman arrives at pregnancy in the best periodontal health conditions, but also conveys that oral treatments can be safely performed during pregnancy with the proper precautions“.